Gold and Silver

Vienna Hofburg Palace as the splendid centre of power of a former major Empire will blaze in a radiant golden shine when it opens its gates for the guests of the Officers’ Ball. This lustrous resplendence has inspired us for this year’s ball motto.

It may well be in all cultures of the world that gold and silver instil a particular fascination due to their shine. Along this line, this year’s ball programme is designed to fascinate you as well. And indeed, our Young Ladies’ and Gentlemen’s Dance Committee will emanate a particular radiant energy when it enters into the Great Festival Hall accompanied by the melody of Chopin’s military polonaise. The superb uniforms with the gold and silver adornments of the numerous military attachés will shine as brightly as the Young Ladies’ eyes in the spotlight of the opening ceremony. Also the music, be that the golden voice of Ms Ildiko Raimondi or the blaring sound of the trumpets of the Orchestra of the Austrian Armed Forces Honour Guard, everything is arranged in such a manner that the Officers’ Ball will be a splendid festivity right from the start. And when at midnight an outstanding musical show with international – that is German – participation turns into a brilliant highlight, it will be obvious to everyone, why gold and silver was chosen as this year’s ball motto.

The most important aspect does, however, not come from gold and silver, but from the heart and from the love of ball culture. The Ball Committee put its heart and soul as well as a great love of detail into the preparations to make it possible that you, dear ball guests, can enjoy a magnificent, elegant, and typically Viennese ball night. We hope that our huge efforts will bring you into the right mood on 17 January 2020, so that, when the last waltz has faded, you will be saying: “What a brilliant ball night!“

Timetable – Key data

  • Entry: 8.00 p.m.
  • Beginn: 8.30 pm
  • End: 4.00 pm


The opening is moderated by Alfons Haider

9.30 pm Opening Ceremony in the ballroom – Festsaal

Opening Fanfare  Entry of the Young Ladies and Gentlemen’s Committee Ceremonial entry of the guests of honor Federal anthem, European anthem

Show Program Singing and Ballet Performance Demonstration of the Guard Music Band Polonaise of the Young Ladies and Men’s Committee Dance Performance of the Young Ladies and Men’s Committee

Welcome words Welcoming by the Chief of the General Staff and President of the Allumni Association Alt-Neustadt Opening of the Ball by the Federal Minister of Defense Opening waltz by the Young Ladies and Men’s Committee

12.00 pm Midnight show

Drawing of the 1st prize of the raffle (voucher AGRICOLA)

Show: “Gold und Silver” a military musical performance

1:30 am “That’s the way to dance in Austria” (shows for dancing) in the ballroom “Zeremoniensaal”

02.30 am Late Night Show in the ballroom “Forum”

04.00 am Taps in the ballroom, Ball finale

All program points can be tracked via video in most ballrooms. 


Ladies: Large Floor Length Evening Gown, Uniform (Large Formal Suit)

Gentlemen: Tailcoat, Tuxedo, Uniform (Large suit)

The Ball Committee reserves the right to deny access to persons in non-matching clothing!

Scroll through our picture gallery of the last Officers’ Ball to maybe get some suggestions


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