„Res publica – one hundred years full of events““


The year 1918 is of particular relevance in Austrian history marking the end of both World War
I and the Austro-Hungarian monarchy, as well as the beginning of the Republic – later termed
the First Republic. A grand event, such as the Officers› Ball, invariably should be celebrated and
especially this year, 2018, to mark this outstanding hundredth anniversary. We are commemorating today with the greatest of respect the generation that, 100 years ago and under the most difficult circumstances, extricated small «residual» Austria from a major state entity, instilling new life in it.

No cause for alarm this is not going to be a history lecture, but one concluding remark is called for in this context: In the dramatic ups and downs of the subsequent decades, during these truly eventful one hundred years, the Austrians never lost their ability to keep their cheerfulness and feelings for that which is good. Today we are proud of our Austria, which, although small in size, is a great place to live, where guests from all over the world come with good reason and where everyone can feel at ease. We also would like you to feel at ease at the Officers› Ball and are happy to offer you a proper
«feel-good-package», made up of the best dance music of all styles, elegant bars and magnificent halls, in an enthralling ambiance and surrounded by beautiful flower arrangements.

The Republic of Austria consists of nine provinces. You will be able to enjoy their musical diversity, not least inspired by an incomparable landscape, by watching a series of dances, songs and music performances. The provincial military bands will be proud to represent their provinces, sharing with you the nation›s musical richness.

The Latin res publica literally means «public matter» and stands for the government form «republic ». Is it not a delightful fact that the Viennese ball culture, as we enjoy it today, is a «public matter», meaning a pleasurable experience for everyman? Dear guests, make this «public matter» a common one, by sharing it with your family members, friends and colleagues. The officers of the Austrian Armed Forces warmly welcome you.




  • Einlass: 20.00 Uhr
  • Beginn: 21.30 Uhr
  • Ende: 04.00 Uhr



21.30 Uhr Festliche Eröffnung im Festsaal (moderiert von Alfons Haider, ORF)

  • Eröffnungsfanfare
  • Einzug des Jungdamen- und Jungherrenkomitees
  • Feierlicher Einzug der Ehrengäste
  • Bundeshymne
  • Gesangs- und Balleteinlage
  • Vorführung der Gardemusik
  • Fächerpolonaise und Tanzeinlage des Jungdamen- und Herrenkomitees
  • Begrüßung durch den Chef des Generalstabes und Präsidenten der Vereinigung Alt-Neustadt
  • Balleröffnung durch den Bundesminister für Landesverteidigung und Sport
  • Eröffnungswalzer Jungdamen- und Jungherrenkomitee

ab 24 Uhr Mitternachtseinlage im Festsaal


  • Verlosung des Hauptpreises: Gutschein Agricola
  • „O du mein Österreich – ein musikalisch-tänzerischer Streifzug durch die Bundesländer“
  • Fledermausquadrill unter der Leitung von Dir. Rudolf Peschke, Tanzschule Elmayer

01.30 Uhr im Zeremoniensaal “So tanzt man in Österreich” (Vorführungen zum Mittanzen)  

02.30 Uhr „Late Night Show“ im Forum

04.00 Uhr Ende des Balls (Zapfenstreich)


Alle Programmpunkte können per Videoübertragung in den gekennzeichneten Räumen mitverfolgt werden.


Damen: Großes bodenlanges Abendkleid, Uniform (Großer Gesellschaftsanzug)

Herren: Frack, Smoking, Uniform (Großer Gesellschaftsanzug)

In dem unten angeführten E-Book können Sie sich ein paar Ideen für die ideale Kleidungsgestaltung holen.

Oder besuchen Sie Lambert Hofer, der Spezialist für klassische Herren-Abendgarberobe.